About Metamorphose

Metamorphose means to transform, change, alter, remake, convert, remodel, reshape and that’s exactly what Metamorphose is all about.

Metamorphose is dedicated to the understanding and translation of universal laws in the pursuit of personal freedom, empowerment and self-determination. It is the intention of Metamorphose to educate and support its members in living happy, healthy and prosperous lives. 

Metamorphose is on an endless quest to seek knowledge and practical applications in the areas of mind, deliberate creation, personal development, health & well-being, spirituality, wealth creation and life design, in order to pass it on to its members. It’s purpose Is to provide its members with tools and techniques to Metamorphose all areas of their lives.

Metamorphose is a community of like minded people interested in living life to its full potential with happiness, health, prosperity, freedom and growth.

Max created Metamorphose and The Metamorphose Program because he belives personal freedom is the birthright of every human being.

Metamorphose is here to help you claim yours.